“My goal is to help children build a strong character in a positive environment. Teaching discipline and coordination is a challenge I enjoy. As an instructor of Taekwondo, I’m constantly reminded that personal success comes from helping others reach their goals.” 

~Grand Master Y.S. Chung


About the American TaeKwonDo Foundation



The American Taekwondo Foundation (ATF) was founded by Grand Master Y.S. Chung in 1988. Though his original intention was to provide only his instructors with the guidance they needed to reach the public and open schools, the foundation quickly grew when outside, established instructors saw that Grand Master Y.S. Chung and the ATF boasted many assets that would help them reach their goals.

Although sometimes referred to as a “tough, powerful, ex-marine,” Grand Master Y.S. Chung, the guiding strength of the ATF, admits his most rewarding times in martial arts have come from teaching students, especially children, the values and techniques of Taekwondo.

The focus of the ATF is to set high standards and to create a family atmosphere while encouraging the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and expertise.

Currently there are over 50 schools and clubs within the American TaeKwonDo Foundation with more joining every year. 

The ATF National Headquarters is in Montgomery, Alabama. And holds bi-annual national testing and tournaments for all ATF schools and clubs.

The Asheville Academy of Taekwondo has been part of the American TaeKwondo Foundation since 1994 and our school serves as regional headquarters of the ATF.