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My name is Traci Edwards, my two youngest daughters Spencer and Kylie have been taking Taekwondo now for over 3 years and I have been a spectator for just as long. However this past December Master Tener had mentioned his adult classes, I was tempted to start, but I did not want to do it alone. About 5 months later my sister Denice came to watch my girls and really wanted to join, so we joined and both love doing this together however, I now know that I can do this with or without someone to come with me, and wish I had started sooner. I love getting to know the other adults who are in class and the workout aspect of it, as well as the challenge of learning all the techniques. I feel good about myself every time I leave class. It has also been a great new way to spend time with my girls, because they love to help teach me the steps and to make sure that I am practicing at home.

Traci Edwards

After studying Taekwondo as a teenager through college, I took about a 20-year break. Both of my boys had been taking classes with Master Tener, and he encouraged me to give the adult class a try. I enjoy the classes because they are a great form of exercise that I look forward to. The time flies by, unlike when I am watching the clock at the gym while on a stationary bike or cross trainer. I have lost weight and found Taekwondo to be a great form of stress relief. Working in the investment business, with 2008 the second worst year in stock-market history, I needed all the stress relief that I could get. I feel better both physically and mentally, and look forward to training for many more years. I wish that I had never stopped! It has also been a good experience for my sons to improve their discipline and self-control, and rewarding for my wife and I to see them progress to different ranks. Our older son Jack is 6 and recently earned his light green belt. Our younger boy, Ian, is in the Little Dragons class and just earned his yellow belt at age 4.

My husband started Taekwondo about 1 year ago and I am amazed at the changes in his health. He has a very stressful job, so I was always concerned about his health. He just had his annual physical and his weight and blood pressure are both down. I know that Tae Kwon Do has done this for him!

Bill and Danelle Hansen

My name is Frank Bradshaw and I started taking classes at the Asheville Academy of Taekwondo in May of 2008. At age 57, I was concerned about this due to my age and health conditions. In 1985, I had a spinal fusion of my 3rd,4th and 5th vertebrae, due to a work accident. A tumor in my right lung was removed in 2002 which was non-cancerous; however, my thyroid was removed in 2004 due to thyroid cancer. I have been cancer free since my radioactive iodine treatments. A stroke in 2006 affected my left side.  All this history was explained to Master Tener. He listened carefully, suggested that I give Taekwondo a try and assured me that he and the staff would watch me carefully.

They have kept their word. They have been helpful and supportive, always encouraging me to try to do just a little more. Since starting Taekwondo my balance, flexibility and strength have improved dramatic- ally, including my emotional health, feeling and living better. I would encourage anyone to try Taekwondo. It is never too late or too early to start improving your life.

Frank Bradshaw

My sons Casey and Brody Herren have been taking Taekwondo classes at the Asheville Academy of Taekwondo for over a year now. They have both improved greatly in many different ways.

Casey (8 yrs old) has been in America from Phnom Penh, Cambodia for 6 years. He had some issues with night terrors for about 3-4 months. He had a very hard time with the separation from the Nanny that took care of him for 21 months. We talk about Cambodia often and look at his photo albums. We have allot of fond memories of our time there and Cambodia will always have a special place in our hearts.

Brody (10 1/2 yrs old) has been in America from Nanjing, China for 14 months. Brody had ear surgery for a large hole in the right ear drum in Sept. He had a bilateral cleft lip and palate repaired in China about 4 years ago. Brody had to have numerous teeth extracted due to his cleft lip/palate. He will still need further dental work done to replace the teeth that were removed. The biggest obstacle that Brody has faced is learning the English language. He has made great progress in that area and continues to enlarge his vocabulary daily. Brody has adjusted so well and it feels like he has always been part of our family.

Casey had a lot of problems concentrating on a task and following it through. But he has been able to focus his attention better and to learn the forms and one steps. When he first started at the Academy he also had an issue with self confidence since he is small for his age. When Casey received his Orange Belt his first words were “now I get to spar!” With every belt promotion, Casey gains even more confidence and is more sure of himself. He is very proud of his hard work and all that he has accomplished. His hard work continues at home when he practices his forms and one steps.

Brody was a little shy when he first came to America. Since being at the Asheville Academy of Taekwondo he has made new friends and has become more outgoing. He had a problem with balancing and jumping. He has worked very hard in both of these areas and has improved greatly.  Brody loves being in his Taekwondo class and wants to work on his forms and one steps even after class has ended. With every belt promotion we can see how much Brody has improved and how confident he is in himself. Brody wants to keep working toward his Black Belt and learn everything he can from his instructors.

Seeing Casey and Brody excel and grow physically and mentally shows how much being at the Asheville Academy of Taekwondo has done for both of them. It has given them confidence, self esteem, and a feeling of accomplishment that will continue with them through life. Being able to work for a higher belt level in Taekwondo has made them understand that you have to work hard to accomplish your task no matter what they are. We teach Casey and Brody good manners and to respect others and it is good to know that is also important at the academy. The instructors teach that in order to get respect you have to give it. School work is also an important issue at our home. Their Taekwondo instructors teach them that grades and behavior outside the Taekwondo class will have an impact on their belt promotions. So they also carry what they learn in Taekwondo with them everywhere they go.

Judy Herren

My nieces Kylie and Spencer have been doing Taekwondo for 3 years now, and I attended one of their classes with my sister and after that my sister asked me if I wanted to try it out with her. So we did and I have to say that I was sold on it from the first class that I attended. I love it and look forward to the classes every week. It’s something that my sister and I enjoy doing together. It is a great workout and it’s so much fun that you don’t even realize that you are working out. The time flies. I have already noticed a difference in my physique, I am more flexible at age 39 than I have ever been, I feel great after each class and my energy level has skyrocketed.

Denice Morgan